Kokusai Shoji Corporation, located in Ageo-Shi, Saitama, Japan, specializes in the sales of used cars as well as used parts and in car dismantlement.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Greetings from the President of Kokusai Shoji Corporation

Kokusai Shoji Corporation was established in April 1994 and sells as well as exports second hand.With a view to expanding to overseas, we, a global company, are constantly growing. We have bases in Japan, China, Myanmar, and some African countries and support Japanese, English, and Chinese.Therefore, we can meet various demands from our clients and business acquaintances.In addition, we do eco. We take care of used parts taken from dismantled vehicles.By cooperating with our business partners in Africa, Middle East, and Asia, we reuse and recycle such used parts to contribute to the improvement of the global environment.

Koji Suzuki, President

Company name Kokusai Shoji Corporation
Establishment April 1994
Legal person Koji Suzuki
Address 1st Yard: 1372-1 Ryoke, Ageo-Shi, Saitama, 362-0066 Japan
Tel and Fax Tel: +81 48 783 3037
Fax: +81 48 783 3038
E-mail address info@kokusaisyoji.com
Business hours 9:00 to 18:00
Holidays Sundays and public holidays
Equipment One 100-ton hydraulic press, one 30-ton cutting machine, two overhead travelling cranes, one PC10 power shovel,
one EX100 power shovel, six forklifts (one 2.5-ton forklift, three 3-ton forklifts, and two 4-to forklifts),
two large trucks, two middle-sized trucks, one unique vehicle,
one carrier vehicle (on which three cars are loaded), and one 60-ton truck scale (length: 15 m)
Countries of our business partners USA, Canada, some African countries, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, some Middle East countries, etc.
Business license numbers License No. as an industrial waste collector and transporter: 1101076570
License No. as a used goods merchant: 431060012914
License No. as a vehicle dealer: 20111002590
License No. as a vehicle dismantler: 20113002590

Please feel free to contact us. TEL 048-783-3037 Business hours / 9:00 to 18:00
Holidays / Sundays and public holidays
Mail / info@kokusaisyoji.com

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