Kokusai Shoji Corporation, located in Ageo-Shi, Saitama, Japan, specializes in the sales of used cars as well as used parts and in car dismantlement.

Repair, Body Work, and Painting

Repair, Body Work, and painting

For repair or body work, we repair damaged car frames by using dedicated “frame repair equipment” that can properly repair them.Also, in order to secure running safety, we repair car frames so that they will be accurate to millimeter level.
For panel repair, we perform body work to repair a dented car body. Then, to create a surface for painting, we use putty (something like clay) to create a flat surface.
In this process, we try to use minimum amount of putty.Doing so ensures surface strength and the preservation of the repaired part for a long period.

Car Repair

The inexpensive but high quality repair done by Kokusai Shoji is achieved through the following processes:
(1) Instead of replacing the damaged part, we repair the part whenever possible. We explain this policy to the customer and obtain approval from him/her.
(2) Instead of using expensive new parts, we use inexpensive recycled (or used) parts whenever possible. We explain this policy to the customer and obtain approval from him/her.
We collect recycled parts from recycling shops in Japan or scrappers with whom we have done business.
We are pleased to use parts that customers bring.

Car Body Work or Painting

Body work is the work in which the base of a car body is repaired.
At first, we dismantle not only the damaged part, but also the surrounding parts.Then, by using a hammer and a cover plate, we flatten the irregularities to achieve millimeter-level accuracy.
We flatten remaining irregularities by using putty. These processes are important to restore the original car body shape.
We pay attention to invisible parts. We perform body work carefully and surely.
After the completion of the body work and painting, the worked part is concealed by the paint. Therefore, you cannot visually judge the doneness of the body work.
Therefore, with confidence, we provide “sure and reliable body work.” We hope that you realize our body work skills.

Please feel free to contact us. TEL 048-783-3037 Business hours / 9:00 to 18:00
Holidays / Sundays and public holidays
Mail / info@kokusaisyoji.com

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